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Communication and video games

Journalist, content creator and community manager specialized on video games. As a professional but also as a gamer, I am always aware about the gaming industry and its community: what is going on, which are the trends, the news and all that a good content creator should know to make their best job making new content and managing its online community. Proactive, creative, organized and open-minded worker with ability to teamwork but also to work independent and extremely well under pressure when needed. Willing to increase the impact of feminism and social movement within gaming industry.






OFFICE ✰✰✰✰✰










Customer Support Specialist at Digital Extremes 

2020 — 2022


Spanish Customer Support Specialist and translator for Warframe.

  • Providing prompt, courteous and effective customer support to Spanishspeaking end-users of the game.

  • Reviewing and moderating all user-generated content on the official Spanish game forum.

  • Acting as the official game representative within the Spanish online

  • Updating the internal Community Team on trends, information and insights occurring within the Spanish game community.

Editor at Mundo Deportivo, Barcelona 

2019 — Present


News and articles for Gaming section of Mundo Deportivo: Mundo Gaming.

  • Constant gaming trends research and adaptation to diverse audiences on the site.

  • Content review and communication alignment

  • Stakeholder management at PR level of video games companies.

Screenwriter at DMAX 

2020 — Present


Scriptwriter for the monthly TV show on video game news DMAX: Ready Player.

  • Proposal of topics and trends to the client.

  • Responsible for scripting, executing and implementing client’s feedback.

  • Responsible for content research analysis for the video editing team.

Community Manager at Melbot Studios 



Community Management: social media, forums, community and some marketing at indie game studio.

  • Think, create and apply social media strategies to communicate our video game through different platforms.

  • Analysis of trends, forums and communities to integrate/communicate our game/products.

  • Responsible of database creation to improve audience targeting and message alignment in an effective way.

TV Collaborator at Betevé, Barcelona 

​2018- present


Video game collaborator at Barcelona television for 'Videojocs al Àrtic', cultural program. 

ENG>SPA translator at Retrogamer Magazine 

​2018- present


Translation of video game articles for Retrogamer Magazine Spanish Edition. 

Editor at EDGE Spain magazine, Barcelona 

​2017- 2019

Articles, interviews and video game reviews.


  • Articles: Study of trends and selection of impactful topics to investigate and communicate through a variety of articles.

  • Constant communication with PRs to manage keys, assets and material for reviews and interviews.

  • Attending events performing interviews with key stakeholders like developers, transcribe and tailor articles around them.

Community Manager and Influencer Manager at MEDIAPRO, Barcelona



Social media and influencer management for sports project: Esports Derby - Canarias Cup. 

Games department lead at PlayGround Magazine, Barcelona



Video creation for video games section at PlayGround Magazine.

  • Selection of topics and daily creation of video content adapted to each media platform and the targeted audience.

  • Lead and coordinate the gaming section of the online magazine: video editor, community manager and producer.

  • Innovative thinking of ideas for gaming related videos beyond the office space and via filming studios.

Communication department at Barspin Studios, Barcelona

​2016 - 2017


Community management and PR for BMX The Game.

Editor and audiovisual content creator at Different Media

​2014 - 2020


​Writer and audiovisual creator for different media: Zehngames, Solo Indies, Revista SFX, FS Gamer, DeusExmachina, CCCB Museum...

Writer and video editor at Eurogamer Spain, Barcelona

​2014 - 2016


News and reviews for website and recording, writting and editing Youtube channel.

Communication department at U-Play Online

​2014 - 2015


​Community management for U-Play Online, developers of KarmaRun and Youtuber's Life.

Making Of series at Atomic Kraken, Barcelona



​Writing, filming and editing Making Of series for video game Skara - The Blade Remains

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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

​2015 - 2016


​Master’s Degree, Theory and Practice of Creative Documentary



Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona)

​2009 - 2014


Bachelor’s Degree, Audiovisual Communication

Event organizer

​2017 - Present


Gaming Ladies: first professional women-only video games event in Spain. Learn more about this story.



Creator/director: video game documentaries 

​2011 - present


Autora de diferentes documentales y ensayos sobre videojuegos:


​2015 - Present

Speaker at different events and video game conventions.

More skills
  • Good team worker.
  • Flexible and thrive in fast-moving environments.
  • Proactive when it comes to suggesting ideas, introducing new formats and adapting to new platforms.
  • Passionate about everything creative.
  • Ability to work with tight deadlines.
  • Always communicating clearly and passionately when working as a team.
  • Excellent time management.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Ability to understand and implement feedback.
  • Friendly worker, approachable and with a professional work ethic.
  • Curious by nature, enjoy researching the topics in question and consult all sources to deepen and verify the information firsthand.
  • Ability to track, analyze, and report issues.
  • Ability to adapt the vocabulary and scope of the message depending on the audience.
  • Willingness to learn new things quickly with curiosity and openness.
  • Good knowledge and strong interest in video games and its culture.
  • Good knowledge and strong interest in social media platforms.
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